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equal3 Limited is a general insurance specialist with 30+ years of protecting people and their things. Tai Nuualiitia has been the chosen advisor to a range of clients from fabulous individuals and families to...single owner operators to...medium/large commercial or corporate companies...and prominent high net worth private individuals. Each and every one of those clients - is just like you. It's purely the degree of value or complexity of the situation which is different.

We haven't created another 12 pages of web infomation for you to click through - you have probably been through those already with other sites, so you will be more familiar with what we do than some brokers. equal3 Limited deals with all insurance lines from personal insurance to leisure insurance to business insurance to specialist insurance to anything you need to insure or need advice on. 

Tai has worked across multiple insurance industry disciplines and spent time in the UK as well as the Pacific region. Though he set out on his independent professional path in 2016, he also has strong commitments to the community through sports clubs, schools and local government agencies. He is a Lifekeeper volunteer and part of the 'expert on demand' global network through Lynk Global and Chime Advisors. Tai gives 'context' to the mechanics the insurance industry builds around itself..."simple policies covering all in sundry" become less simple when dealing with multiple people involved in a negotiation or claim and their specialty isn't knowing - 'you'.  

The face of the world and how we engage in it is changing; unfortunately the paradigms of insurance and how they serve and protect you hasn't kept up. You should have some control over how the insurance market responds to you.  

Bitcoin, though unrelated to the insurance profession has revolutionised how intermediated engagement will look in the future. The core mechanics of Bitcoin [at least my view] removes or reduces the need to rely soley on a banking system to complete a transaction. Brokers are intermediaries - to be of real value they need to be a seamless solution that enables an insurance partnership to flourish; not continue to be another step you have to manuvoure through to get what you want...Cove and Lemonade are examples of innovation that I applaude and believe has a real place in the service market, but that doesn't remove the need for true expert advice and insight.

equal3 Limited isn't just about the insurance industry...it's how our clients; suppliers or service providers can be resources to others. An equal3 Limited relationship can help our partners extend their reach beyond our insurance needs so that they too are changing peoples lives.

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