We are a Risk Management and Mitigation Practice


equal3 is the credo that Tai Nuualiitia builds his professional foundation on...a relationship has strength because no one in it is more or less important than the other. The outcomes are positive when we work towards protecting the integrity of our partnership. 

Origins is a 30+ year journey of discovery, experiencing the 'Working Styles' of business life and the human nature element that drives it.  

Working Style

equal3 appreciates who you are and what you’ve done. equal3 will navigate you through the “one size fits all” approach that some industry brokers now adopt. It's not about treating your difference the same; equal3 treats your difference as an advantage.

Working Style is about you and how you do what you do. We are here to make sure you can keep doing it using market 'Elements' that will be there for you.


equal3 is part of a strong broker network aligned to PSC Connect and Steadfast Groups. Combined we have the professional backing, support and resource to rival any large commercial or corporate competitor. We know the insurance market and it's people.

Elements is the mechanics of knowing  how smaller insurers or global agencies can be just as dynamic and strong as the large brands you are familiar with.

Contact Us

equal3 has the flexibility to fit in with you. We understand how life works and that means our day can't be based around standard office business hours  that others keep - so drop us an email anytime or call Tai when it suits you to discuss what it is you may need.

Technology allows equal3 to have access to pricing models on many risk types 24/7; so we may get back to you sooner than you expected.

Starting Up?

We offer a fast quote service to help you get your show on the road. Whether it be insurance cover over your assets, liabilities or a specialist field of work; for a small flat fee of $50 + GST - we'll provide a quote within a day [or a few hours] of receiving your request. If you decide to engage equal3 as your 'broker of record', we'll deduct the initial fee paid off your first bill...we know what it's like when you're a startup and haven't yet traded. 

Need a review?

You've been in business for your first year...or two...or five...or more and your insurances are in place already, but you just want a second opinion this year. equal3 is happy to secure an alternate option for a small flat fee of $150 + GST - we'll provide a quote within 48-72 hours of receiving your request; sooner if possible, but our response timeframe may extend out dependant on the size and complexity of your business. Insurance is constantly changing; as do relationships.

"We have found equal3 excellent to deal with; Tai's experience of the insurance industry and complete focus on our specific business needs gave us confidence that we were in safe hands.  He made sure we understood all the detail on what we were covered for and when it came to a claim he was extremely responsive and prompt in helping us to get it sorted.”

- Helana, Elemental Eats

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